Out of Ukraine a company named Avatar has created what can only be described as revolutionary in the world of science. Through the use of nanotechnologies to produce chemical compounds with almost all chemical elements and organic acids involved in metabolic processes of living cells they have managed to make the following possible:

New Disease Prevention and Treatment Systems
– Pathogen clearance and immune system reinforcement
– Compensation for micronutrient deficiencies and life extension

Making All The Farming On The Planet Organic
– Saving the planet from ecological disaster
– No more food with harmful chemicals

Microcosm Resources Development
– Management of biotechnological processes
– Controlled effects on bacteria and improving the efficiency of current technologies (deactivation of waste, intensification of fermentation, increased production of biogas, etc.)


GLOBAL PROBLEM OF HUMANITY: Large-scale use of toxic chemical substances

– In medicine
– In cattle breeding
– In crop production
– In food industry

Today, the chemicals sector is not able to reproduce 100% analogous of natural compounds.


Avatar’s molecules minimize the use of toxic components, improve the quality and quantity of food, create a reliable protection against diseases, and increase the productive lifespan of people. For the first time, humanity has a wide range of effective tools for influencing cells and microorganisms.



The future is here now and Amobi Capital is working at a fast pace together with Avatar to realize the vision of creating a reliable system of treatment and protection against diseases, elimination of micro nutrient deficiencies in food products, conversion of agriculture to organic agriculture and increase of biotechnologies efficiency.

The actions of today affects the many tomorrows to come and Amobi Capital is committed to contribute to a sustainable and brighter future for all.