Amobi Capital is undertaking a massive operation to drill for oil near the Niger Delta Region. The block currently consists of over 500 million barrels of proven undeveloped reserves and 1.5 billion barrels of prospective resources.


The block is located in a prolific and proven hydrocarbon basin with over 500 million barrels of proven undeveloped reserves and 1.5 billion barrels of prospective resources. It is the largest continental shelf block located in shallow waters, at the mouth of the Niger Delta depositional environment.

  • Greater than 2 TCF Gas (Contingent and Prospective resources -P50)
  • Significant 2C to 2P portfolio conversion potential, and exploration upside from unexplored areas of the assets
  • Over 20 drillable prospects identified from high quality 3D seismic data
  • Additional resource upside expected from evaluating deeper horizons > 10,000 ft


In addition to the oil reserves there is great potential for a vast amount of gas as well within the block. With the increasing national and global interest in gas utilization, Amobi Capital as the operator of the block is embarking on a fast-track gas development plan to monetize its gas opportunities. The Dila field with Contingent Gas reserves (Proved Undeveloped-PUD) in the excess of 100 BCF in its shallower sections (7000-9000 ftss) will be the pilot gas project.


With USD240 million invested several milestones have been accomplished. The vast amount of hydrocarbon within the block has been proven through technical evaluations performed where seismic scans and appraisal drilling have gone through vigorous processing, interpretation and maturation of drillable prospects. Multiple facilities for production, storage and evacuation have been established and more are in development.

THE RIG – SUPER M2 Self Elevating Drilling Unit

Class : ABS


Length o.a. – 59.745m
Beam o.a. – 55.78 m
Depth moulded – 7.62m
Transit Draught – 4.8m
Hull Material – AH36(Main Hull), EH36(Spud can), B(Acc.)
No. of legs – 3
Leg length – 125.3m


Deck Load : 9000kips
Pipe rack : 540Ibs/ft2
Main deck (outside pipe rack): 540Ibs/ft2
Quarter’s deck : 90Ibs/ft2
House Tops : 150Ibs/ft2
Machinery Spaces : 270Ibs/ft2
Sack stores : 540Ibs/ft2


Ballast water : 191,310 ft3 (5,418 m3)
Drill water : 36,263 ft3 (1,027 m3)
Potable water : 13,276 ft3 (376 m3)
Brine tank : 5,049 ft3 (143 m3)
Base oil tank : 5,049 ft3 (143 m3)
Mud tank : 25,635 ft3 (726 m3)
Diesel oil : 23,092ft3 (654 m3)
Misc tank : 2,471 ft3 (70 m3)


Drilling for oil is a complicated operation that require experience, careful planning, attention to detail and routine safety protocols. If any of the before mentioned requirements are compromised the entire operation is put at risk.

Although drilling for oil has become safer and more effective over time through more advanced technology and environmental protection plans implemented by governments, there has been incidents where corporations have left shut down oil rigs without disposing of the waste and structures responsibly.

Amobi Capital will not carry out such acts. We are committing to conduct business that include clean up plans of action in case of emergency and shut down of any of the platforms. We strive to empower the community and stimulate the economy where we do business by providing jobs and contribute to growth within the society.