Amobi Capital is pleased to announce it is working with California Protons in San Diego, the leading clinic for proton therapy in the world. The clinic is run by one of the world’s most experienced radiation oncology teams in the proton space sought out by patients from around the world. They have personally treated over 9,000 prostate cancer cases – more than anyone in the industry.


California Protons uses revolutionary proton beam technology to help fight cancer with unmatched precision and the utmost care.

Proton therapy is a highly accurate and much less invasive form of cancer treatment. Protons are subatomic particles with a positive charge that can be manipulated and controlled to stop and deliver radiation directly at a tumor, traveling no further than the exterior tumor wall. This is particularly beneficial to those who are vulnerable to radiation or have received prior radiation either to or immediately adjacent to the area that needs to be treated.

Due to the precision of the technology patients are able to be treated without having to suffer from side effects such as cardiovascular diseases after regular treatment for breast cancer, learning disabilities from regular radiation to the brain and rectal dysfunction from regular prostate cancer treatment.



Working with extraordinary professionals combined with Amobi Capital’s global network ensures a brighter future for patience diagnosed with cancer.

Amobi Capital plans to expand Proton Therapy across the world to make it readily available as the first choice for reliable and safe cancer treatment without any of the side effects that come with regular treatment.